Noncooks think it’s silly to invest two hours’ work in two minutes enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, well, so is ballet.”~Julia Child

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Thank you for visiting HealthfulCooking. My name is Sharon Reese. I live in a small town in north central Ohio with my companion Lamont, who is a writer, and our cat Gato, who is not a writer. I love to cook and to read books about food, including cookbooks. But I don’t always follow recipes. Sometimes a recipe will have an ingredient I don’t like or I can’t get where I live. Often I make stuff up as I hunt in my kitchen for something for dinner.

My mission is to encourage healthful eating

I’ve been a vegetarian for over forty years. I teach whole foods vegetarian cooking.2012 12 22_2866 If you want to learn how to prepare affordable vegetarian meals, you are in the right place. This is also the place to learn about the joy, and sometimes the blues, of gardening. And, it is the place to learn economical ways to shop for real food.

This blog is for you if:

  • You are on your own and never learned to cook
  • You want to cut back on your meat consumption.
  • You have been cooking for others and now cook for yourself
  • You want to learn about cooking and eating for good health
  • You want simple, flexible recipes you can prepare at home
  • You think you can’t cook

Cooking is a creative art and should be fun to imagine, prepare, and eat

HealthfulCooking recipes are flexible. They have easy-to-follow directions, and suggestions for substitutions for ingredients that might not be available where you live. My recipes are like paint-by-number crafts but you get to choose the colors. For example, if you don’t like an ingredient or can’t find it where you live, my recipes suggest options to help you make a delicious, healthy dish. Below please check out info on my education, experience, and a little more about me.


More About Me

  • Chef in restaurants in San Diego, CA; Kenai and Anchorage, AK; and Portland, OR
  • Taught whole foods vegetarian cooking classes at Portland Community College called “For People Who Think They Can’t Cook”
  • Volunteer chef instructor for the Oregon Food Bank’s Nutrition Education program for over 10 years
  • Volunteer master recycler in Portland for 8 years
  • Volunteer for the Shelby Food Pantry
  • Teach vegetarian cooking classes in Richland County Ohio
  • Write about food and cooking for a local newspaper
  • Published in Natural Health magazine
  • Writer and editor of Richland County Master Gardener newsletter
  • Book reviewer for Portland bookstore, In Other Words

  • Culinary Certificate, Century School
  • BS in Social Sciences, Portland State University; minors in Cultural Geography, Women’s Studies, and English
  • MS in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College
  • Nutritional Therapy courses at Portland Community College
  • Master Recycler through the city of Portland
  • Master Gardener through The Ohio State University Extension Service

  • Walking; practicing yoga and meditation
  • Exploring farmers markets, botanical gardens, historic homes, libraries, and art museums
  • Treasuring old buildings, books, household gadgets, music
  • Reading good fiction and watching provocative movies
  • Growing stuff; I am especially fond of irises, lavender, poppies, sunflowers, zinnias, and anything I can eat
  • Writing about things other than food; writing haiku
  • Laughing at myself



My Journey Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Please share your comments, questions, and concerns. I look forward to communicating with you.