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Repurposed plates

So You Think You Can’t Cook

  While putting together last night’s supper, and taking photos along the way, I realized that no matter what I do my blog will never look like other professional blogs. I enjoy beautiful blogs and view them with envy. But my food photos look like they belong on a dinner plate, not a page in […]

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Fall Rainbow

New Beginnings for a New Year

  As we reflect at the end of a year, we resolve to change something. Often our reflection brings regrets or frustrations. My frustration is seated in my endless study of Genetically Engineered (GE) foods, I regret being unable to maintain an open mind about manipulation of our food supply. My mental turmoil stems from […]

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Sliced tempeh

The Enchantment of Tempeh

  Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented soy food made from cracked or whole soybeans often mixed with a grain, cooked and inoculated with Rhizopus mold, the fermentation starter. This mixture is sealed into a plastic bag where fermentation takes place and binds the beans together into a slab. When I lived in Oregon I bought […]

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Ten Toes Walk, Portland

What to Do the Day after Thanksgiving—Exercise

  I am not an athlete, I don’t watch sports. But I move a lot because it’s important for good health and makes me feel good. Activity as a child As a child in the 50’s, I rode my bike in summer and went to the public swimming pool. On summer nights we played kick-the-can […]

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human gut bacteria

Introduction to our Microbiome, the trillions of microbes living in and on the human body

I recently finished a 6-week online course on our microbiome through the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Coursera program, where scientists are sequencing gut bacteria through public participation in the American Gut Project. I first got interested in our microbiome a few years ago after reading “Germs Are Us” in The New Yorker magazine. What stuck in my […]

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The Science of Good Cooking book

Brining Beans

  The Science of Good Cooking, (by Cook’s Illustrated and the folks at America’s Test Kitchen on PBS) is a super book for cooks interested in the science of cooking. In its 486 pages and 37 chapters it covers everything you need to know about how cooking and other procedures affect food. This is not […]

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