Lemon and lime juice

lemon and lime juice

lemon and lime juice

There are two brands of 16-ounce lemon and lime juices in glass bottles available in stores and on-line: Santa Cruz and Lakewood. Both are 100% organic juice. I used to buy Lakewood in Portland, and I can get Santa Cruz in my local Kroger store.

The cost ranges from the mid- $4 to $5. Obviously, that is more than the common supermarket brands in the little plastic lemon (or lime) but well worth the extra cost. And the cost is cheaper than buying the fruit. Unless a recipe calls for zest or you need the whole fruit, the convenience of the juice is well worth the cost.

I use both for flavoring my carbonated water, and for recipes. Sometimes a teaspoon or two of either adds just the right zing to a finished dish and adds zip to salads.

After opening, store in the refrigerator. If you don’t use it often, pour half into another glass jar and freeze it. Don’t buy or store citrus juices in plastic containers.