Unpasteurized Vinegar

Most of us think of vinegar as the white vinegar we use for cleaning and for sunburn relief, or the various kinds of vinegars in salad dressings.

Those common vinegars are pasteurized and can be used to preserve foods but they do not enhance the nutritional value of food it is preserving.

But eating unpasteurized vinegar increases the nutrients in the food via lacto-fermentation and adds beneficial bacteria that increases human immune function and contributes to our beneficial gut bacteria.

I keep several kinds of vinegar around for salad dressings and cleaning but my go-to vinegar is unpasteurized Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. It is unfiltered, not heated, and contains the Mother that naturally occurs during fermentation and floats in the bottle. It is available in stores with health-food sections and on-line. Heinz also produces unpasteurized vinegar but it is not labeled “organic.”

Buy all vinegars in glass bottles.