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Sliced tempeh

The Enchantment of Tempeh

  Tempeh is an Indonesian fermented soy food made from cracked or whole soybeans often mixed with a grain, cooked and inoculated with Rhizopus mold, the fermentation starter. This mixture is sealed into a plastic bag where fermentation takes place and binds the beans together into a slab. When I lived in Oregon I bought […]

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Summer salad

Five Easy Delicious Salad Dressings

  A good diet should consist mostly of things without labels like fruits and veggies. If you read the labels on every food product before buying it, you will probably change your buying habits. This in turn will lead to better health. Salad dressings are no exception. Even “natural” salad dressings with organic ingredients often […]

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Wild flowers

Phytonutrients: how to get them

What are phytonutrients? I just spent several hours studying about phytonutrients. I wanted to learn about the contradictory views that they can be beneficial or have a negative effect on our health. Many years ago, I learned that phytates (phytic acid) are bad because they bind to certain minerals in our bodies. I was especially […]

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Morning Thoughts

When I get up in the morning, usually between 6 and 7, after sleeping about 7 hours, I tinker for a while. I do small chores around my apartment: brushing my teeth; straightening up; putting beans, seeds, or nuts in soaking water in preparation for cooking or roasting. All this takes about half an hour. […]

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An Apple A Day?

Apple season is in full swing here in Ohio. From my home, Springhill Fruit Farm is an 8 ½ mile drive along winding roads bordered by hard-wood forests. The trees are just beginning to turn their fall colors before dropping their leaves. In spring, the fruit groves of pink and white blossoms signal the birds […]

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Oils to have on-hand: coconut, olive, peanut, toasted sesame, flax

Oils: A Primer

  Oils are liquid fats. Commonly when we think of fat we make the incorrect connection that eating fat makes us fat. And after decades of repeated information, we believe that consuming fat causes heart disease. Neither is entirely correct. Fats and oils are complicated but understanding how to get the best nutrition isn’t hard. […]

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