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Red potatoes

Memorial Day and Potato Salad

During my childhood, following the Memorial Day parade attended by most people in town, our family spent the day with friends of my parents. Dad and Dave had served in WWII. Their family was also large and their oldest daughter was my age. Judy and I spent hours together making doll clothes on a treadle […]

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My herb garden

Cashew or Tahini Mayonnaise

I don’t keep mayonnaise on hand because I don’t often use it and I am concerned about ingredients. Commercial mayonnaise has added sugar and canola oil or other questionable vegetable oils. Because the industry uses so many eggs, which means hens to lay them, male chicks are destroyed in dastardly ways. Some of you avoid […]

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Summer salad

Five Easy Delicious Salad Dressings

  A good diet should consist mostly of things without labels like fruits and veggies. If you read the labels on every food product before buying it, you will probably change your buying habits. This in turn will lead to better health. Salad dressings are no exception. Even “natural” salad dressings with organic ingredients often […]

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Late cukes from my garden

Spicy Cucumber Salad

  Cucumber season is rapidly drawing to a close here in Northcentral Ohio but I still have quite a few on the vine and several in the refrigerator. I hate to see them go to waste. I don’t grow pickling cukes. When I was growing up Mom made a bowl of sliced cucumber and sliced […]

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